In The Benton apartment floorplan design the area of the kitchen is almost one half the total space of the living room. That’s how large the kitchen is in terms of space in almost all five apartment floorplan models of the Avenue NicholasVille Apartments.

It’s not only convenience that makes the difference at the enjoyable Avenue NicholasVille Apartment Kitchen but the pure enjoyment of life with its possibilities. Whether you’re enjoying cooking inside the kitchen with its fully equipped black stainless appliances, or reading your favorite book by the living room, you experience the meaning of enjoyment in apartment living. 

The kitchen’s granite countertops of the enjoyable Avenue NicholasVille Apartment Kitchen is also used as a bar lined with two bar chairs, while its lower ceiling design compared to the living room allows for a cozy ambience. Large brown walnut cabinets display prominently opposite the stainless black appliances of the spacious kitchen. 

At the dining area, the stylish dark satin brown wood dining table and chairs can sit six people on a pale pink tiled floor with beige walls occasionally adorned by protruding shelves and art décor paintings. At the other end may be seen a large dark maple brown wood cabinet for the safekeeping of dining utensils, sometimes adorned with ceramic art decors of the enjoyable Avenue NicholasVille Apartment Kitchen.

In The Earlington 3-Bed 2-Bath spacious and enjoyable Avenue NicholasVille Apartment Kitchen, the entrance is at the kitchen on the north side. Beside the spacious kitchen is the wash and dry room. The living room and kitchen are contiguous but divided by a granite countertops table. The two adjacent bedrooms are on the westside with an attached bathroom. Walk-in closets are found in the 2 bedrooms. 

Cooking is transformed into an experience of delight with the attractive and enjoyable Avenue NicholasVille Apartment Kitchen. Discover the Avenue NicholasVille Apartment amenities found in almost every apartment and enjoy them to the fullest extent, such as the spacious and exciting Avenue NicholasVille Apartment Kitchen

The superb stainless appliances, furniture and fixtures inside the enjoyable Avenue NicholasVille Apartment Kitchen are matched with the marvelous interior space that expresses an extraordinary atmosphere of beauty and simplicity in every location, as well as inside each apartment unit. 

Inside those attractive kitchen wall cabinets and vaults, pantries are available in select units. There are two large cabinets filled with plates and everything you need, there are two medium sized cabinets where you may find the knives and cutlery, and two small cabinets on the same upper wall. Just find anything you need for cooking. The handsome cutting boards are there inside one of those cabinets of the enjoyable Avenue NicholasVille Apartment Kitchen.

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